Monday, February 20, 2017

Welding With Jacobo Part 2

Q: What are we going to do today?

Jacobo: Today we are going to weld square tubes.

Q: So what you need to set up the tubes?

Jacobo: You will need this tool that is made just to set up the tubes.

Q: How can you cut those tubes?

Jacobo: To cut the tubes you will need a manual saw foe example the picture I'm showing you right now.

Q: Can you show me?

Jacobo: For example look at this picture before cutting the tubes.

Q: Let me see the after photo?

Jacobo: This is after cutting the tube with the manual saw.

Q: Can I see everything you use to weld?

Jacobo: This is everything I used to weld.

Q:  Now show me what you weld.

Jacobo: I'm going to show you the four sides of the tube.


Jacobo: This picture is from the back of the tube.


Jacobo: This photo is from the side of the tube and I think is one of the easiest part to weld.

Q: Really?

Jacobo Yes and this photo is for me one of the hardest to weld.

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