Monday, February 20, 2017

Pneumatic Air Sheet Metal Cutting Shear Tool

Q: What is this tool?

Ans:  This is a Pneumatic Air Sheet Metal Cutting Shear Tool.

Q: What does this  tool do?

Ans: This tool makes clean cuts in sheet metal.

Q :Did you learn a new skill?

Ans: yes i learn how to cut metal faster and in a straight line.

Q:  Could a person get hurt using this tool?

Ans: Yes it can hurt a person if they don't pay attention to what they are doing.

Q: what can a person use to prevent hurting themselves?

Ans: They can use this gloves to prevent a person hurt themselves.

Q: Are there any “fail safes” on your tool?

Ans: No the Air Shear don't have fail safes.

Q: your Tool works with energy?

Ans: No it works with air only.

Q: the tool has a  thing to plug it to the air?

Ans: yes just need the hose and plug it to the Air Shear.

Q: Did anybody teach you how to use this tool?

Ans: yes my teacher show me how to use it and how to cut straight.

Q:  what type of metal can cut this tool?

Ans: The Air Shear don't cut metals. the Air Shear cuts aluminum.

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