Monday, June 6, 2016

Fixing a Broken Chair

Q: What are we going to do today?

A: Well today I'm going to fix a chair.

Q: What is wrong with this chair?

A: This chair needs the last piece of metal to support the wight of a person and also to support the four legs that way the legs can't move when a person sits in the chair.

Q: What yo you have to do to begin fixing this chair?

A: First we need to know  the length of the part that is broke. So the length is 13 1/4.

Q: But I don't know how to use fractions. How can I learned to use fraction?

A: If you don't know how to use fractions go to my blogs. There's going to be an easy way to show you how to use fractions.

Q: After you measure what you have to do?

A: I sanded the corner of the chair that way they can be clean. Also I use a machine that helped me sanded faster.

Q: Can I see how the machine looks like?

A: This machine is called Media Blaster. and the Media Blaster the machine I used to finish sanding the chair.

To be Continued..........

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